Pain Avoidance Factors To Consider While Travelling With Kids

Planning to spend vacation with kids and travelling with them is indeed most the most exciting but yet a difficult task. Most of the parents want to spend their best time to travel to Vietnam or some other exciting destination with the kids and discover new culture and new tradition.

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Kids do make the trip more memorable and exciting but still there are some factors that sometimes make the children moody and this always creates big problem for parents. So to avoid any kind of hassle, one needs to take care of certain things that could make your trip hassle free and memorable one.

So, let us have a look on some of the pain avoidance factors that could certainly prove useful for those parents who travel with kids:

Before leaving home:

Do some extra research on the destination you want to visit as well as the airlines by which you are going to travel. Find out if they are offering something extra for those who are planning to travel with families.

Have child’s favourite toys and games with you always. This will help you in distracting the kids if necessary.


Have extra clothing with you just in case if one needs it. You need to have an extra set of clothes that could be required in case of emergency.

Have enough food as well as baby milk with you that could be required all the way during journey. You may be asked to try few of it at security. Also pack some snacks just in order to prevent bad moods when kids get hungry. It is advisable not to carry too sticky things.

At the airport:

It is good if you are organized before travelling as it will help you in staying calm and relaxed. This will allow you to stay engaged with your children and will avoid unnecessary stress, havoc as well as rushing around.


Keep your child prepared for any of the emergency situations. You can keep your mobile number in their pockets writing on piece of paper that will give you peace of mind.

While waiting for the flight, one can utilize some of the time in entertaining the kids by making them watch take-off and landing of other flights

During the flight:

In order to reduce the effect of cabin pressure, one can take along with them some sweets. This will help kids a lot during take-off of flight.

One can distract their children by offering them food to eat. Thus, wait until you are in the air to feed them.

Thus, these were some of the pain avoidance factors that could certainly help parents while travelling with their kids.